Is it the desire for cum or your hard cock what keeps you up at night?

Did You Always Have A Cum Fetish?

I remember the first time you called me and told me you wanted to eat your own cum.  That was a long process, wasn’t it?  Those first few times, you came into your hand and wouldn’t lick it up, the desire gone along with your orgasm.  I had you eat the pre-cum, the residue from a few ruined orgasms, and then finally you were eating a huge load.  And from that point on, you were addicted to cum!

You Became A Cum Junkie

I know you have a cum fetish now.  I can control that cock and control your orgasm just by telling you that you CAN’T eat it…yet.  Unless you know you’re going to get a mouthful of salty, bittersweet cream, all that jizz just doesn’t want to leave your balls.  Ever seen Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask?  The scene where all the sperm are rushing to get out and do their duty, and one sperm all of the sudden turns around and yells, “Wait, it’s only a blowjob!”  That reminds me of your jizz, except they’re all waiting to be swallowed down by you!

So, You Haven’t Answered My Question

Did you have a cum fetish before you became a cum eating maniac?  Was the thought of nutting off and eating your own spooge always in the back of your mind, driving you on, making you harder and hornier, making those orgasms so much more powerful?  Good thing you found a Cum Mistress like me then, huh?  Without me, it’d still be a thought, keeping you awake at night….

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine