Cum Eating with Ms Christine

How bad do you want to cum?

Not Really Into Eating Your Own Cum

Did I coerce you to eat your cum? Or did I just coach you to swallow that spunk?  It’s a very fine line.  Either way, you weren’t really all that jazzed to try your own jizz.  You had to be cajoled, you had to be coaxed, you needed me to talk you into it.  You needed to be seduced into eating your own cream!

It’s A Fine Line

When I take control of your cock, have you stroke and edge until you’re nearly out of your mind, begging to cum and I ask you if you’ll eat your spooge for me, is that coercion?  Or is it coaching?  You’ve told be before how badly you want to taste it, but every other time we’ve played this game you chicken out at the end.  I’ve teased and tormented you for so long – we’re past what you thought you can take, and you know, there’s no backing out now.  Because this is your choice.  I will allow you to orgasm – but if you ever orgasm again will all be up to you.

No More Games

It’s all or nothing, slut.  When those balls explode, and that cock pumps a full load of cum right into your hand, you’ll have two choices.  Lick it all up for me, become my good cum slut and the next time we play, I’ll give you another mind blowing orgasm.  Fail me this one, last time?  And it will be the last time you ever cum again.  You see, if you won’t eat your own cum, I’m going to lock that cock up in a chastity cage.  If you won’t clean up after yourself, then you shouldn’t be allowed to make a mess….