Why not eat it?

Well, It Is Coached To Eat Cum

I get asked that a lot by my pets.  “Ms. Christine, do I always have to eat my own cum?”  While most of the time, I will make you swallow that load, there are times when I might not.  Or at least, I might not make you right away!  In most cases, you’re going to be eating your own cum.

Why Wouldn’t I Have You Eat It?

You’ve read my posts.  You’ve called and talked to me.  I’ve told you the many reasons why I want you to eat cum.  Because I like seeing it.  Because it humiliates you.  Because it makes me happy.  There are times when I won’t let you swallow that cream though.  Let’s say you are a craven cum slut.  You LOVE the taste of cum, how it feels sliding down your throat, the way it tastes way back there.  But, during our session, what if you haven’t pleased me?  Do you think you’re entitled to that reward?  Think about what a horrible punishment that would be for a cum hungry slut – to spurt and then be told to clean it up with a tissue – and throw it away! – HA

Maybe I Want To See You Covered In It

For some cum sluts, that’s the ultimate in humiliation, to be covered in cum.  Who am I to deny you what you really want?  If you want to be covered in cum, I can make that happen.  Chances are though, that after I leave you there as a spunk covered mess for a while, I’m going to have you collect it all in your hand and lick it all off.  Like they say “Finger lickin” good!” 😉