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Not Everybody Can Be the Best

A cum eater eats their own load of cum.  A cum bucket takes things to a whole new cum eating level.  They eat multiple loads of hot, creamy cum.  I am wondering if you have what it takes to be my cum bucket.

The number one requirement is a greedy hunger for cum.  Do you have that?  Do you crave your man juice?  After you eat a full load, do you long for more?  If so, you might just have the right stuff.

How Much Cum?

If you are a true cum bucket, you have an insatiable appetite for cum.  So there is no such thing as enough.  I like to have you eat about 10 loads at once to test your desire to eat cum.  It can be your cum…saved up over a period of time…then thawed out for the big show.

You can also be a really naughty cum bucket and eat someone else’s cum.  Have you read fantasies about kneeling in the middle of a room and having a group of guys cum into your open, eager mouth?  These nasty cum eating things do happen and I can make it happen for you.  Either purely as a fantasy or you provide the guys and I guide you through the experience.

Will It Make Me Gay?

The only thing that can make you gay is being gay.  You would know if you are gay.  So you can leave that worry outside.  Don’t give it another thought.  I want all of your energy focused on how amazingly hot it will be to suck down multiple loads of jizz while I listen.  Better yet…while I watch you on cam.

This type of session can easily be done via text session too.  So if you need to be silent, but still long to be my cum bucket, check out our SexyTexting option.   The only way to control your fetish is to find a safe way to feed it.  Congratulations!  You found it.  *smile*