I’ll make you want to eat it!

I Need Some Volunteers

I’m looking for some very special volunteers today. Not just any volunteers though! I want to push a very special limit today.  Can you guess what it is?.  What’s the job description? Well, I’m looking to get you involved in some coerced cum eating!

Start Stroking

Go ahead, wrap your hand around that cock and start jerking it – SLOWLY.  I want you to warm up to this idea, and to get those balls churning away, producing a nice, big load of cream.  Teasing you, edging you, denying you that orgasm serves two purposes.  One, it just makes more jizz.  The second is more important – it makes you desperate to cum.  And when you’re desperate to cum, you’ll agree to anything.  You’d suck cock, you’d dress in panties, you’ll even let me peg you.  I only want one simple thing today though.  I just want you to eat your own cum!

Jerk Faster

I want you to start off at 1 stroke every 6 seconds.  Get to an edge, you can stroke one second faster – so after that first edge, stroke once every 5 seconds.  You’re smart, right?  You can follow the pattern, can’t you?  By that 5th edge, you should be stroking once every second, then I want 2 strokes a second, 3 strokes a second, then stroke as fast and as hard as you can.  Yes, you can cum now!  You volunteered, you should get a reward.  No, stroker slut, the orgasm wasn’t you’re reward – that puddle of cum is!  I love seeing you turned into my cum eating slut!  OMG!  Is that cock getting hard again as you slurp up that spooge?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine