Humiliation In Cum Eating

It has to be what I want it to be….

In between calls the other day, I was surfing a bunch of Femdom websites and blogs, and I came across a post about cum eating.  The lifestyle Domme who wrote (who isn’t anyone here at LDW), had the opinion that cum eating had to be humiliating.  That the humiliation was the only thing that made it submissive, and that’s what turned her on.  This is one of those times that you need to realize that everyone’s opinions are different and that you have to find a Mistress whose interests are similar to yours.

I Like Watching My Pets In Cum Eating Webcam Shows

I think eating cum – your own from your hand, a shot glass, or a plate – or someone else’s from your hot wife’s overflowing pussy (hey, that could be yours, too, lucky pet!) or straight from a spurting cock, is a submissive act no matter what else is going on.  It’s hot, and my opinion is that it shows your submissiveness and devotion, your desire to please your Mistress.  First, because she’s told you to swallow that jizz, secondly because you’re cleaning up any mess and making things all neat and tidy!

Does It Matter If You’re Humiliated?

Not to me…but certainly to a lot of you.  I have cum eaters who are very humiliated, when doing a very taboo thing that men aren’t supposed to do. It’s the humiliation that makes it the scene for them.  Am I coercing them into eating cum?  Maybe, but maybe deep down inside, they want to slurp their spooge, they just need a Cum Mistress there to let them know it’s all right.  On the other hand, I have cum junkies who just love the taste of cum and can’t get enough!  I mean, I even have cum sluts who are absolutely mortified by the fact that they love cum so much.  The point is, no matter what it is that gets you off about eating cum, it’s all good.

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