Just Do It! Be The Cum Eating Slut You Long To Be

Just do it! You’ll love it you little slut…

I don’t want you to think about eating cum.  Okay, I do want you to think about it…fantasize about it, obsess over it!  When it actually comes time to eat that jizz though, I don’t want you to think about it, I just want you to do it.  Bring your hand to your mouth, get down on your knees and lower your head and eat it off of a plate or off the floor, drink it from a shot glass.  Whatever you have to do, just do it!

Why I Don’t Want You Thinking About Cum

If you think about it, you’ll just chicken out again.  The thing is, when you start thinking about eating cum, that’s not all your thinking about, is it?  Right after you orgasm, you start to lose the urge to eat your cum.  As you are being teased, as you’re edging, as your working up to spurting out that big load, all  you’re thinking about is actually eating your cum.  How badly you want to do it, how hot it’s going to be when you do.  Then that spooge spunks out, and it’s like it opens a door and all these negative thoughts enter your mind.

Why You Won’t Eat Your Cum

All of the sudden, that cum rockets out of your cock and you start thinking…cum’s kind of slimy.  You know what, jizz has that bitter aftertaste I can’t seem to get rid of (well, maybe you should sweeten your cum, sweetheart!).  If I eat my cum is it going to make me gay?  What if I really like the taste of jizz and I get addicted and the next thing you know I’m sucking cock?  Stop thinking!  Just eat that spunk as soon as you can.  Come on, it’s only cum!

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