Eat Cum for Ms. Christine

A little cum makes everything better!

Adding Cum To Your Food

Most of you cum eaters only eat your seed when you’re jerking off for me.  For a lot of you, you need to do it right then and there, because just moments after you’ve nutted off, the desire to swallow your spooge evaporates.  The real cum connoisseurs know that cum is good anytime!  So here are some fun ways to spice up your food – with jizz!


You can always use your “special cream” in your coffee.  Of course, unless you like it nearly black, you’re not going to have enough cum to lighten it (unless you’ve been saving up!)   Try adding it as some icing to your donut or muffin, or even as an extra addition to the jelly on toast or an English Muffin. You know what they call a cream pie in England?  A buttered muffin!


Instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich, try some jizz spread.  If you’re craving fast food, how about adding some of your own “special sauce”?  Try Mac and Cheese  – and Cum.  Of course, if you’re a fitness nut and do smoothies, you can always add some cum – just an extra dash of protein!


So many things you can do with spunk at dinner.  Add it to your mashed potatoes.  Try some cock sauce on your steak instead of A1.  Spice up that Vodka sauce with the addition of some of your own dick cream.  Like they say, “Do a dollop”!


You can add your cum to just about anything.  Mix it into your guac, salsa or vegetable dip, then enjoy with some crudités.  Just like at breakfast, add some icing to your cookies or cake, even a chocolate bar.  The thin stream of white cum just looks so nice against that dark chocolate, doesn’t it?