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Eat Cum for Ms Christine

Come… be my cum slut!

You Suck Cock So Well

That cock beginning to swell inside your mouth tells everyone that you suck cock well.  Since you learned all your fundamental fellatio lessons, you are about to be rewarded.  You know what that reward is, don’t you?  You’ve been working so hard to get it – it’s a mouthful of cum!  That’s your prize for being such a good cocksucker!

You Want All That Cum

Feel that cock getting larger inside your mouth, all that jizz building up in his balls, ready to explode out.  That first spasm as the spunk races up his shaft and begins spurting out all over your tongue and down your throat.  That’s the worst, isn’t it?  When it just shoots down your throat, so you don’t even get a chance to taste it, to roll it around on your tongue, to savor that bittersweet fresh, warm cream.  Are the spasms starting to slow, the jets of cum hitting the back of your throat starting to lessen?  Well, my cock sucking pet, you need to make sure you get it all…

Suck it All Up

Use that dick like a straw.  Suck on the tip of it, and try to draw up all that jism from those deflating balls.  Keep jacking that shaft with one hand, while you milk those balls with the other.  You don’t want to leave even one drop of sweet, delicious creamy cum behind, now do you?  Of course not, my cum slut!