No on can stop at just one taste 😉

You’re Cum Curious

We’ve played a lot.  I tease you and edge you for hours.  I make you beg to cum, and tell you I’ll give you permission to shoot that load if you do one small thing for me – eat it all up.  You agree, you nut off…and then nothing.  You have a problem many cum curious men have – you lose your desire to eat it after you’ve cum.  So, how exactly, are we going to get you that first taste of cum?


I like to start by having you lick up all the pre-cum as it oozes from your dick.  You’re willing, because you’re aroused, and it’s hot, and it just gets you hornier.  I may tell you to do it at specific points, or I may have you do it after every edge.  You see, for a lot of cum curious guys, they’re afraid of the taste.  Pre-cum may not taste like an actual load of jizz, but it at least gets you used to tasting your own juices!

Swallowing A Load

After I’ve teased and edged you for long enough – and you’ve re-filled with all that pre-cum, I’ll give you permission.  Now, here’s where it gets tricky.  Maybe, even after all that pre-cum, you still balk at an actual handful of spunk, and you still won’t swallow it.  Well, then next we play, as you edge, I’ll tell you to keep stroking…1…2…3…strokes – then let go!  I’ll ruin your orgasm!  You’ll still be horny, still be desperate for a real orgasm, then you’ll happily eat whatever has leaked out of your cock.  And this, I know.  Once you get a taste for it, you’ll be craving it and you’ll crave as big a load as you can get!