Before we get started on what kind of cum eater are you, know that no matter how you eat cum, it’s all good!

I’m A Self-Serve Cum Eater Only

Cum Eater for Ms Christine

Or are you all of the above?

We three Cum Mistresses all have a good number of callers who only eat their own cum. Some do it just because we tell them to and they want to please their Mistress.  Others are true cum junkies, and will save up loads and loads of jizz before they swallow it all down!  Some of them love the taste of spunk so much, they mix it in with their food!  However you do it, it’s so much fun to watch you eat your own cum!

I’m A Cum Eater Of Any Cum, But Only For My Mistress

Mostly, these are our cuckold callers.  They love cleaning up their hot wives or cheating girlfriends.  Sometimes it’s in a cum kiss, sometimes it’s off her body after the Bull has shot his load.  A lot of them are very proud of the fact that their Cuckoldress feeds them warm, delicious cream pies!  They get to orally pleasure her, giving her the last, memorable orgasm of the night, while tasting the delicious mix of her pussy and his cum!

I Love It Straight From the Tap

Some of these callers are cuckold’s as well, and their hot wife may let them get her Bull off beforehand just to “take the edge off” and so he’ll last longer inside of her!  Then there are the cuckies who clean up after the sex, and are rewarded by getting that stud hard again and given him a wonderful good bye gift (hey, it’s a better parting gift than a lifetime supply of Turtle Wax!).  And others?  Well, they’re just straight up cocksuckers who love the reward of a belly full of cum!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine