Eat Cum for Ms Christine

Which way will you eat cum for me?

Getting It Straight From the Tap

How do you eat your cum?  Do you shoot off in your hand, and swallow it all down.  Maybe you jerk off while a Mistress is watching you on cam and shoot those ropes of cum onto a plate – I like black or other dark colored ones so that white jism shows up nicely! – and then lick it up for her.  I think the hottest way to eat your own cum is right from the tap – shooting a nice load from the tip of your cock into your waiting mouth!

Self Sucking

There are few guys who have the flexibility to actually suck their own cocks.  To get bent into that position is tough, and even then, the most they can get in their mouth is usually just the head.  But, if you’re looking to taste your own cumshot, that’s really all you need, isn’t it?  You can stroke the shaft, and make sure you get every last drop! It’s a real gift, if you can do this one…

Ass Over Teakettle

To get a self-feeding, most of my sluts have to do what I call the Ass Over Teakettle method.  I guide their masturbation, tease and edge them mercilessly until they’re just about to pop and begging me to cum.  Then, I have them throw their legs over their head (I have a trick or two up my sleeve to make this easier, by the way), and point that cock straight at their mouth as I command them, “Cum!”  Some of it does shoot in their mouth, but I laugh, since most of their spooge usually ends up in their hair and on their face.  It’s hard to aim for your mouth when you’re in the throes of an orgasm, I guess. Beim online- Roulette platzieren Sie diese Wetten selber (zum Beispiel je ein Chip auf 3,13,23,33)Sie sehen also, es gibt eine Vielzahl an Wettmoglichkeiten, diese vielen Optionen machen das Spiel so interessant.. No matter.  I make sure they gather the rest up in their fingers and lick them clean!