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Warming Up

Some men are not ready to eat the own cum.  For them, I have a special program to work their way up to the main event.  That is pre-cum eating, a part of the cum eating fetish family.   It has all of the taboo aspects of eating your own cum, is exciting, but easier…a very important point!

The difference is that pre-cum is in smaller quantities, thinner, sweeter.  Easier to eat.  But there is a BIG point that you wanna-be cum eaters will understand.

Do it While You’re Hot

As you may know, the reason that most guys never have the exciting pleasure of eating their cum is quite simple.   They are stroking and highly excited.  At that point, just thinking about being such a naughty man as to eat your cum makes you crazy hot!   You WANT to eat it, you PLAN to eat it.  But after you cum, that desire floats away like a dream.

The solution is obvious and equally simple:  start with your pre-cum.  It begins forming lovely, opalescent beads on the tip of your cock right in the midst of your sexual furor.  I can coach you through the act itself; making it kinky and fun.

Don’t Blink

If you want to just get it over with, so you can say you did it, you can get that done in a snap.  Literally over in the blink of an eye.  For some of you that has a definite allure, and I will make it happen like that for you.

However…for you gentlemen who desire a more prolonged, sensuous experience…I have just the thing.  *smile*   A dab here, a lick there…a long, lingering suck.  Your pulse will be racing, your body trembling, and your mind reeling with the knowledge that you are eating your own cum!

One Man’s Reaction

I have heard and SEEN Texas Guy in action many times.  The first time I told him to get a little of his pre-cum on his fingers and “Eat it for me”, a fetish was born.  His reaction was stunning and immediate, and it has been that way ever since.

His entire body goes rigid, head thrown back, sucking on his fingers in pure ecstasy.  And the sounds he makes….OMG!  Loud moaning, faint curses, assorted noises of delight. It is not a short-lived reaction either.  This goes on for minutes of my viewing pleasure.  So you know it is good!

Taking it From There

Once you taste or eat your own pre-cum, you may find that it is enough for you.  Enough to sate your desires, and feed your need to be naughty.  Then again…it could fuel your need to do more.  You may find yourself fantasizing about being guided to take things to the next level.

Either way, you will have a fabulous time exploring this fetish with me.  If you are into pushing boundaries, I can do that for you.  Happily!  You can listen to an assortment of audios on the topic of cum eating at our free erotic audio site.

Have you tasted your pre-cum?  What did you think about it?  Did it lead you to eating your own cum?  Your erotic Fem Dom wants to know.