Let’s Make A Game Of Cum Eating

This is like Candy Land for cum eaters!

My cum junkies are always coming up with new ways to eat their cum.  Then, I have others who keep doing it the same way over and over, and they’re telling me they are quite bored, and want to find new ways to slurp spunk for me.  I thought I’d bring these two groups together and come up with a random cum eating game.  All you need is a hard cock and the dice. 

Where Will You Eat Your Cum?

So the basics of the game are simple.  You’ll roll the dice and the number you come up with will tell you how you’ll be eating your cum

2- Bread.  Toasted or not, spread that jizz like butter and enjoy your meal
3 – Spoon. This could be difficult, getting it all in that spoon…
4 – Banana.  You can cum on an unpeeled banana and lick it off like your cleaning up your hot wife’s Bull, or peel it and make it all squishy!  A bit of sploshing fun!
5 – Coffee.  A little cream in your coffee, slut?
6 -Flat Surface.  Great if you cum a lot and get it everywhere!  You can use a desk or the floor, just make sure you track down every drop!
7 – Wine Glass.  Oh, so classy!
8 – Shot glass.  The best kind of shooter, isn’t it?
9 – Hand.  The classic.
10 – Condom.  Make sure you pinch the open end when your sliding it off.  You don’t want any to leak out, do you?
11 – Chocolate Bar.  Is that like Cookies and Cream?
12 – Plate.  I like it when you cum on a black plate, so I can see all those rivers and puddles of spooge.

More Cum Eating Fun

That’s just the basics.  You can always use the dice to determine how many edges or ruined orgasms you have to suffer before you’re allowed to eat your cum.  Or find all the different ways you can jack off – maybe different toys. You can buy a Fleshlight or you can DIY it with a homemade pump sack.  Each number on the dice tells you which toy you’re using.  Have fun with this cum eating game, and let me know all about it in the comments.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine