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Listen to me tell you about all the successful cum eating scenes.

There are so many man who fantasize about cum eating but once they get cum to eat, they simply can’t do it — they lose the desire to eat their own cum.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Talking with a Mistress is the perfect way to have the sensation of something that you might not want to experience in real life.  This is why sexual role play is so hot and why Domination phone sex is important to any vibrant sex life. A Mistress can guide and order you to test your limits and boundaries.

Is phone sex real?

I’m often asked if thinking about eating cum is real if you don’t actually lick it up.  The way your brain chemistry works is that thinking about something makes it real in your mind and body.  This is why BDsm play via Distance Domination is a real power exchange relationship even though we don’t meet face to face.

What makes cum eating different?

With other sexual fantasizes you don’t have to DO it to have the erotic pleasure of talking about it … but I notice that’s not the case with potential cum eaters.  I think you limit your own potential for pleasure when you make yourself “wrong” when you lose the desire after you cum.  Let me ask you to do this — try it just in fantasy, don’t ruin the pleasure of the fantasy by getting all bent out of shape if you don’t follow through.  Just enjoy what you enjoy.

The next level after the sexual fantasy…

When you’re ready to take the next step, I have some no-fail cum eating techniques.  We’ll work on this together and I think you’ll enjoy your — ahem — homework  — assignments!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia