Eat Cum for Ms Christine

Let’s get you covered in it!

Do You Know What Sploshing Is?

Sploshing is a type of food fetish fun.  It’s wet and messy fun, where the sploshee – is that even a word? – gets off on being covered in all kinds of food.  Pudding.  Whipped cream.  Custard.  A pie in  the face.  So, I was thinking.  Cum is wet and messy.  Why don’t we add some cum to your sploshing fetish?

It’s Not Just About Eating It

Don’t worry cum slut, we’ll get to eating that jizz.  If you’re truly a sploshing fan though, you know that eating your cum is just going to be the cherry on top of your dessert.  You want to edge yourself and get those balls really churning.  Sploshing is about the smell, the  look, the squishiness and slickness as it slides over your skin.  So go ahead, mix that cum in with that pudding or whipped cream and spread it all over, roll around in it, get all wet and messy!

Just The Cum

You don’t really need to mix it in with anything.  You can always store your cum for a while, adding to it as you can, until you have a nice big glob of it.  Pouring it out over your head, smearing it on your face or across your hard nipples could be a very fun introduction to sploshing, with your favorite food – spunk!  Just make sure you’re a good pet, and clean up after yourself when you are done with your wet and messy play!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine