A Follow-up to “Your Wife Won’t Swallow”

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

it’s a shame…well, kinda

Back in the summer I wrote a post about one of my cum eating sluts whose wife wouldn’t swallow.  It was weird, because she’d let him cum in her mouth, she just didn’t want to waste it.  Whatever, it worked out for them because he got his fill of spunk swallowing that snowball.  Well!  That post led to some calls and some emails, mostly from guys whose wives won’t only not swallow, they hate the taste of cum!  That got me thinking.  What if she thought jizz was so disgusting, she didn’t even want the possibility of you nutting off in her mouth, so she had to stop you even thinking about blowjobs.  How would she train you?

If I Hate Cum Eating, You Will Too

There’s no point complaining baby, you agreed to this: first you spurt six loads, then you drink it down for me. You know that we have to break your habit of thinking about blowjobs, and this helps you to really understand what it’s like from the other side to have a mouth full of your yucky stuff. Anyway, I like you much more when your balls are really empty, so just relax and let it happen. That’s a good boy.

It Wouldn’t Work on You Cum Eating Junkies

The problem here is that she thinks that any normal person would be repulsed by spunk, just like she is.  She doesn’t know you are a cum junkie though, does she?  It’s really a win/win for you, isn’t it?  You get to cum 6 times, drink down that monster load…and she thinks everything is good, until a few days later when you start nagging her for a BJ.  Then, six more loads spurted and swallowed.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat!  How long until she figures out this training regimen isn’t going to work on a cum slut like you?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine