Her Not Willing To Swallow Is Unusual

Swallow for Ms Christine

Of course you should swallow…spitting is such a waste!

I mean normally, when I’m trying to get a reluctant cum eater to swallow, I have to tell them something along the lines of, “she swallows, so why won’t you?”  Recently though, I had a caller tell me that his wife wouldn’t swallow.  He actually has a fairly nice cock, and we’ve talked before and she likes the sucking the cock part, she just doesn’t like the swallowing the jizz part!  Here’s the weird thing – she lets him nut off in her mouth, she just won’t swallow it.

It Can’t Be The Taste Of Cum

It doesn’t make sense.  I know women who won’t swallow – but they don’t even want a mouthful of spunk!  Much like my reluctant cum eaters, they complain about the taste.  This hot wife though is tasting his cum as it hits the taste buds on her tongue.  Maybe it’s the consistency – that slimy, snot-like  gel oozing down the throat that she can’t stand.  Well, whatever it is, the two of them have a solution that suits both of them.

Cummy Kisses Lead To Swallow Practice

That’s right, the cum kiss….the snowball…is their answer to this rather unique problem. Whenever she has the urge to suck him off, she teases him, gets him all hot, horny and bothered, then licks and sucks until all the spooge spurts out.  She collects it in her mouth, then slides her way up his body and puts a lip lock on him, swapping all that cum into his mouth, pushing it out with her tongue.  Then, our happy cum eater gets to swallow it all down.  Win-win for both of them.  Although, I think it’s more of a win for him.  He gets a blow job and a tummy full of cum!

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