Are You Curious About Eating Your Own Cum?

Eating your own cum for Ms Christine

…that’s what your coach is for dear!

For that matter, are you the type that always has trouble eating your own cum? You say you want to do it, but every time, as soon as you orgasm, you lose the desire to slurp that spunk.  I know…and you know…deep down you want to be the perfect slut and eat every drop. That’s what a good little slut is supposed to do. That’s what a Cum Mistress like me expects of you. You want it so bad. But you always seem lose your nerve and wimp out.

That’s Why You Need A Cum Eating Coach

I’ve had a lot of experience coaching the cum curious into eating their jizz.   I’ve designed a cum eating tutorial  so that the act of eating your own cum will become second nature. In five easy steps, you will be taught to overcome your nervousness and cum eating failures, and learn how to become a cum slut for me!

The First Two Steps To Eating Your Own Cum

  1. Get into that submissive space and say some cum eating mantras.  Things like “I love eating cum,” “eating cum is no big deal,” or “I eat cum because it pleases (or amuses) my Mistress.”  Just relax and say those over and over again, to prepare your mind.
  2. Go ahead and jerk off.  Just stroke, and when you’re ready, spurt out that cum. Then just sit there and look at that cum puddle.  Imagine you are dropping to your knees to lick all of that mess up.  Time for some new mantras… “I love eating my cum for you Mistress.”, “I love the taste of hot spunk.” , “I’m made to eat cum loads.” ,“I eat cum for my Mistress anytime she instructs me to do so.”

That’s a good start, but it’s going to get more intense, as we cover the next three steps. Check in next week and we’ll have you eating cum in no time!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine