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Do you have trouble eating your own cum?

I’ve done posts about the cum and go syndrome.  When you ache to taste your load WHILE you are aroused but then can’t bring yourself to lick up your cum once you actually DO cum, then you know you have cum and go syndrome.  It’s common!  BUT, there can be ways that the Experienced Mistress gets around your reluctance.

Coerced cum eating

When you can’t bring yourself to eat your own cum then Mistress has various options to gently (or not so gently) coerce you into cum eating compliance!  ~smiles~  Obviously, you can always hang up!  I can’t MAKE you do anything that you won’t do.  BUT, when you DO want this erotic kink then here’s one example of how Mistress can seduce you into being a cum eater!  When you are on webcam for Mistress, I know exactly what you’re doing (or not doing!)

Tease and denial cum eating

Can you imagine Mistress teasing you, day after day or even week after week.  You’re not allowed to cum.  You’re on orgasm denial for your Experienced Mistress.  The requirement for your release is that you taste your cum.  At first, it’s exciting.  You can feel your balls filling up with cum, getting heavy and beginning to ache from that hot load.  Then, that ache begins to intensify and you are constantly thinking about touching yourself.  You have to adjust those balls because they’re full!  Mistress says you WILL cum, but there’s a catch.  IF I allow you to cum, you must taste your own cum!  For example, if I allow you to worship my lovely legs, then you must lick your cum off my stockings.

Ruined orgasm

Here’s a perfect scenario.  I tease you and then say you are allowed to cum … but it will be a ruined orgasm.  You get SOME relief and the promise that if you lick up your cum this time, you will be allowed a FULL ORGASM next time.  ~smiles~  Then, the ache begins almost immediately because you WANT the full orgasm.

submissive obeys

When a submissive obeys a difficult instruction from Mistress and finds that thrilling, it opens the door to MORE.  More submission, more compliance, and more control from Mistress.  This is a very good thing!  ~smiles~  It’s good for me and it’s good for you!  As you can read in this comment:

Like others I always loose the will after cumming to go through with it.   I had a very intense teasing session with Mistress watching me on webcam.  I had been teased for over a week without cumming and she had me ruin an orgasm and then lick it up. I was surprised at the amount that came out, yet I was still rock hard and horny as ever. She had me do this twice and I stayed rock hard and desperate with need through the whole thing. It actually made my desire for a full release even greater.


Could this *work* for you?  ~grinz~  This is not for people who like safe or familiar things.  But this WILL get you so aroused and willing to please Mistress that you will …. ahem …. overcum your cum eating reluctance!

Are you ready to try it?

Ms Olivia