Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

I just got YOU to eat your own cum for Me, didn’t I?

~snicker~  The Experienced Mistress does love to watch a brand new cum eater lap up cum for the first time!

I know you did it because I was watching you eat your own cum on cam!  This way you aren’t able to fake your cum eating.  ~grinz~

You looked silly AND hot at the same time in your panties and stockings!  That combo makes Me want to bend you over and give you a lovely bare bottom spanking.  So…..I DID do that….and my, my, my but your ass got the cutest RED color!

Cum curious to cum eater

All this started with a chance look at cum eating.  Hmmmmmm and it made you hot, didn’t it?  You got very curious about cum eating.  Such a naughty thing to do with your own cum.  And now, naughty wanker you’re a full on cum eater under Mistress control.  ~laughs~  That IS the way it should be!  ~grinz~  And now you’re HERE being coached to eat cum!

Time for your next load of cum?

Ms Olivia