Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Okay, that is possibly a rhetorical question!  We do provide superior erotic phone sex fantasies.  AND, we also, help to bring many sex fantasies or a particular fetish into real life.  So, that’s what this post is about.  CLICK HERE to listen to this blog post.

I did a poll about cum eating on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  I asked if they wanted the fantasy only or if the desire is for reality, where a Mistress is the cum eating coach.  Sissies and many crossdressers often KNOW that they need a beautiful, Dominant Woman like Ms Violet to make sure the sissy eats cum for Mistress!  I’m always interested in stories about coached cock sucking and one of the precursors of that is auto fellatio.  But, the question is….how do we know you’re actually DOING what you say you’re doing?  In the poll, it’s a 13 to 1 vote for reality!  Hmmmmm, that surprises Me.

 Do you chicken out on eating your own cum?

One caller actually admits that he gets close and then…..well, you can read it in his own words!

“…if I’m not on cam when I get that little insight of what’s about to happen.  I fake it and pretend to the Mistress that I did it but really didn’t. “

When you REALLY want to make sure you take your own load

So, that goes back to the original question.  Do you want the fantasy only and you’re going to fake it? OR, like this caller, are you going to make sure that you make your cum eating fantasies real!

 “So on webcam I really don’t want to disappoint my mistress, so when I’m staring up at my little dick and she commands, “Open your mouth” my heart races and I DO IT. Also when I set up the call its important for me to leave a large “virtual bouquet” …. it seems to increase my commitment to follow through and also increases the devastation in the haze when you are laying there after ejaculation wondering how a very expensive load of your own jizz got in your own mouth. It kind of makes it all that much more pathetic.”

~laughs~  Now, this is an innovative solution to the problem of losing the desire to eat cum AFTER you cum.  One other solution, of course, is to keep upping the level of your cock teasing and denial games until your cock control means that you’re in chastity!  Then, you’ll be sure to get sooooooo needy that you’ll do anything to cum!  But, that’s another blog post!

For now, we want to know, have you ever lied about eating your own cum?  What have you found to make sure that you fulfill your cum eating fantasies?

We’re aching to hear all about it!

Ms Olivia