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What Are We Going To Do With A Cum Filled Condom

I know what you can do with that cum my pet!

It took a long time pet, but I think we’ve milked that cock and those balls dry.  I stroked, edged and ruined you over and over, I slid my finger into your ass and massaged that prostate, and there just doesn’t seem to be anything more coming out of that cock.  Give those balls a squeeze…oh, yeah, they feel pretty deflated!  Now, we’ve got this condom just filled with spunk.  Whatever do you think we’re going to do with it?

Throw It Away?

Are you crazy?  You want me to toss all this warm creamy goodness in the trash?  Oh, I know, you were joking…but you don’t seem to be laughing.  Must be that dry humor.  Dry, like your last orgasm!  Oh, well, played my precious cum slut.  Well, I did say those balls were pretty deflated, and I think recycling this load of jizz will help to fill them back up.  You do want to cum again, don’t you?  No, not now – hmm, you seem relieved by that.  It’s not going to go straight from your belly to your balls…might take a few days.

Refilling With Cum

Let’s slide this rubber off.  Slowly, carefully, I don’t want to spill a drop!  Lean your head back, and open that pretty mouth.  Should I just give you a few drops at a time?  Or just dump it all into your mouth at once?  Dump it I say!  But don’t swallow, not yet.  Roll it around on your tongue, savor the taste, feel how slippery it is.  Now that you’ve had a good taste…now, swallow.  Slurp it all down.  I figure in two or three days, you’re balls will be filled again.  But why wait, I think if we start teasing now, I can build up and even bigger load for your next milking!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine