Too Much Denial Leaves You Crazy

It’s so hard to get enough, isn’t it?

All this teasing and denial has really gotten to you, hasn’t it pet?  It gets me so wet listening to you beg for release as I edge you for hours…then lock your cock away.  Right back into its chastity cage!  It’s really taking a toll on you though, isn’t it?  That dick is so needy, it gets instantly hard as soon as I take that cage off.  Even better, one stroke, up and down that shaft, and you’re already leaking and begging to cum.  You keep saying you want to cum more…but be careful what you wish for!

I Will Allow You to Cum

Here’s the deal.  I will let you cum more.  In fact, for the next week, I’m going to allow you to stroke, edge five times for me, then cum.  And you’re going to do it three times a day.  Aren’t I a very nice Mistress?  Oh, I know I am!  You haven’t even heard the best part yet. 

Eating Your Cum

You’re going to cum morning, noon and night.  Here’s the part I’ve been waiting to tell you – you’re going to cum over every meal!  Won’t that be great?  Putting some spunky cream in your coffee or buttering your toast with some spooge.  That’s some special mayo you’ve got there on your sandwich at lunch! And later, how about some cum sauce instead of barbecue sauce on your grilled chicken!  You wanted to nut off more?  Well that’s fine, but you’re going to eat it all up for me, just like a good cum junkie!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine