Turning You Into A Slutty Cum Swallowing Machine!

Eating Cum for Ms Christine

Learning more about eating your cum!

Every man is rich — in vitamins. It’s all in the cum!  Creamy male goodness contains everything you need. With enough cum in your daily diet there is no need for supplements, pills, or juicing to meet all your daily vitamin intake requirements. Yes, you read that correctly, sluts — not only is cum delicious, but it is also healthy for you as well! Who would have ever suspected?  And the benefits come no matter where that load is deposited!  Cream pie, facial, out of your hand, from a plate – it doesn’t matter. Make sure you eat all that cum to make sure you get the full benefits of jizz’s many nutritious, miraculous properties.

1. Cum Makes You Happy

Cum is a natural anti-depressant.  Yes, cum sluts, it’s true. Spunk elevates your mood and even reduces bad, negative thoughts. I have not failed to notice that my true cum junkies seem naturally happy and perky as long they are getting their daily fix.  That’s why I don’t normally keep my cum sluts in chastity for long periods.  (Come on now, two weeks isn’t that long!)

2. Spooge Reduces Anxiety

Yes, I know how anxious you are before you eat that first load of jism.  But after that?  You’re not so anxious anymore, are you? That’s because cum reduces anxiety.  It doesn’t contain any hormones that will turn you gay, but it does have anti-anxiety properties, such as SSRIs, benzodiazepines, or buspirone. Why bother popping some kind of man-made chemicals when you get the same benefits with no side effects and have far more fun doing it?

Check back next week for more fun facts about cum!

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