I shared the first few hot facts on cum last week…and now here is the 2nd part… Part 3 is next week!

3. Cum Eating Helps You Sleep

…and more fun facts about cum

Okay, I’m really not sure if it’s the cum eating.  But most men get pretty sleepy after they’ve blown their load.  After a few hours of teasing and denial, they’re absolutely exhausted (unless I ruin their orgasm, which just leaves them horny, frustrated and wanting more!).  However, jizz does contain melatonin, which they sell over the counter and many people take to help them sleep.  So, a load a day and you will sleep like a lamb!

4. Cum Increases Energy

How can it so both?  Well, because spooge is magical, you cum slut!  Cum is like an energy drink, and it will give you that much needed extra boost to go about your day to day activities. Imagine if you eat a load every night, you sleep soundly, then eat a load or two during the day to power through your activities.  Too bad the Cock Control Mistresses here are never going to let you cum twice, let alone three or more times a day!

5. Cum Is Great For Cardio Health

Contrary to what you’ve been told, sex – even solo sex – doesn’t burn off that many calories.  But, listening to your heavy breathing and gasps while I tease you endlessly, I have to think it ramps up your heartrate, which is what a cardio workout really is.  Now, add to that the cum will make your heart stronger and help to lower your blood pressure?  It’s all good.

6. Cum Improves Memory

Now, what I read when I was researching all of this was that with enough cum filling your belly, you’ll be amazed how soon you’ll have perfect recall.  Yeah, I’m not buying it either.  You would be amazed how many men, after they swallow down a load of spunk forget to say, “thank you!”  Shouldn’t that be something simple?  Maybe it’s the amount of cum – just enough to keep your memory sharp, but not enough to make you cum drunk!

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