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It’s Coached Cum Eating – Are Your Ready To Become A True Cum Slut?

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

How classy you look turning up a glass of cum…

Are you ready to graduate?  Are you ready to become a true cum slut…nay, a true cum junkie?  You really have progressed quite far.  Started out eating drops of pre-cum, and by now, I have you eating whole loads of cum – from your hand, from my pussy…even sucking on cum cubes!  So, there are two final cum eating challenges in our Coached Cum Eating journey…leading to complete cum domination!

Don’t Suck Cock?

Oh, but you will suck my strap-on, won’t you?  Of course you will, but not until it’s…prepared!  I’ll make you stroke and edge under my expert guided masturbation instructions, building up that load in your balls over several edges while that cock is thrusting in and out of your mouth.  When you’re begging me to cum, I’ll pull out and you can nut off all over that big, black cock.  Then it’s back in your mouth, bitch!  Suck it clean!

How About A Little Wine – Coached Cum Eating Style

If you’re going to whine, let’s fill up a wine glass.  This is your graduation, cum whore, time for you to show me just how much you love jizz!  I think we’ll spend a few days, maybe even a week, teasing and edging you constantly.  That should fill those balls.  Then, we can ruin a few orgasms, and watch it drip into that glass, filling it up.  I think we might have to milk that prostate too and make sure we get every last drop of spunk.  Bottoms up!  Slurp down all the spooge from the glass…and smack your lips, like it’s the best “cock”tail you’ve ever had.  Now, you really are a cum junkie!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine