The Humiliation Of The Reactions

Humiliation and cum eating with Humiliatrix Christine

…did you lick every last drop?

When it comes to cum eating, people seem to have a few reactions.  Some women, you confess to them your cum eating urge and the first thing that comes to mind is eew! You guys are so fucking gross!  Not me!  I think watching you eat your cum is fucking hot – and that’s the other reaction.   I know there are cum fetish guys who think it is fun and healthy and nothing to be ashamed of and I think the same way.  Lately though, I’ve been getting a lot of callers where, for them,  it has an element of humiliation.  Today’s post is for you submissive humiliated cum eaters!

What Eating Cum Might Say About You

Men cum on women (or other men and you love that, don’t you cum whore?) because they are marking their territory. I really believe that is what is happening on a most basic level. The alpha male gets to splash his seed around indiscriminately marking partners as his. Bulls come wherever they want.  So what does that say about you when I require that you eat every drop of your jizz?  When I tell you I don’t want you to leave any trace of your pleasure behind? You are not permitted to mark anyone or anything with your semen.

You Must Eat Your Way Through The Humiliation 

Whether I make you cum in your hand, or on my black stiletto boots, or on your desk at work, you will be required to slurp up every trace of your ejaculation. You filthy little perv. You really are a cum slut aren’t you?  Well, if you aren’t yet, I will make you into now.  Eventually you will learn to love the taste of spunk. Like a slutty whore – a slutty cum whore! –  you will long for a thick white mouthful of warm cum sliding down your throat.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine