Experienced Mistress Olivia cum eating

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Target practice when you cum

I think this should be a sport in the Sexual Olympics.  ~laughs~  I mean, how often can you aim, shoot and splat where you want?

Now, I don’t mean just any kind of target.  Let’s pick the perfect target for YOU!  After all, some of you qualify for the proud cum eater.  Others of you will cum on candy and there’s new meaning to having a sweet and salty desert treat!

CUM with a target

If you don’t hit the target you need to lick up the cum!  That’s one part of your assignment.  ~laughs~  But the other part of your sexy cum eating assignment is to make sure you HIT the target with the no fail cum eating position when you shoot right in your own mouth!

Now, lick it all up!  ~grinz~ Swallow and drink up everything!  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia