Last week, in Part 1 of this eating your own cum troubleshooting segment, we started working up to getting the cum curious to that actual point of eating cum. Now…for the rest of the story.

Step 3: Getting Close To Eating Your Own Cum

Eating Your Own Cum for Ms Christine

It’s a spiral effect, and soon you’ll be a true cum dump!

Start by getting naked for me and stand in front of your computer desk, and jerk off for me.  Put on some porn, or maybe a slideshow of pictures of me. As you stroke- and edge, at least 5 times – recite the mantras in both Step 1 and Step 2 in a trance like manner. The only thing you want is cum. After those five edges, you have my permission to nut off.  Imagine yourself licking your desktop clean, lapping up every bit of your creamy jizz. You’re obsessed with your cum, aren’t you.  Time for a new mantra. Tell me, “Mistress I love my cum. I want to taste it so badly.”  I want you to convince yourself that you need to taste it. Not just because your Cum Mistress demands it, but because you’ve accepted the reality that you’re a cum eating slut. Get some on your index finger, and play with it. Feel it. Dab a bit more on your fingers and rub them on your thighs. Rub a small bit on your cheek. You can wipe the rest up with a paper towel.

Step 4: Practice Makes a Perfectly Prepared Slut

We’re getting closer to making you a perfect cum-eating slut. Every time you masturbate now, you’re going to be closer to eating it. Last time, you rubbed a small amount on your cheek. Now, rub a bit on your lips. Next time you masturbate and shoot it on your desk, sit your bare ass in it. We’re gradually going to bring you closer and closer to eating your cum.  Make sure you’re also chanting all those mantras!  The more you say it, the more you’ll believe it.

Step 5: The Perfect Cum Eating Slut

You’re so close to eating your cum! I’m guessing you’ve gotten very, very close on several occasions. Now it’s time for you to show me what you’ve learned and how effective those mantras have been.  You know the drill my slut. Strip naked and stand in front of your desk or table. With your cock hard and aching to perform for Mistress, begin stroking. Recite the mantras. Cum hard and make a sticky puddle of spooge. Don’t stop, don’ think about it, just drop to your knees and move close to the puddle of cum. In your most seductive and slutty voice say, “I’m going to show you what a perfect, cum eating slut I am, Mistress.” Stick out your tongue and slowly lick up every single drop of cum, cleaning your desk top thoroughly. Once the table is clean, slide your index finger over the tip of your cock and make sure you got every drop!

How’s it feel to be a budding cum dumpster?  I bet you want more, don’t you?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine