Stroke That Sissy Clit

How will you be my sissy cum eater today?

Okay, sissy, this is probably the most basic method, right?  We can however make it a bit more fun.  I love having a sissy on webcam, and watching them pull those panties aside, and pull out that teeny, tiny sissy clit!  Then start to rub and stroke it with their thumb and index finger.  Teasing them and working them up, until they finally squirt into their hand, and swallow it all down!

Cum In your Panties

Sometimes though, I really want them to cum just like a slutty girl, rubbing their sissy clit through their pretty panties, until they make a cummy mess.  Well, sissy, we can’t leave those panties all dirty now, can we?  Of course not.  I want you to slide them off and suck all that sissy spooge right out of them!

Milk That Sissy p-spot

Sissies don’t have a g-spot, but they do have a p-spot!  And, I think if a sissy doesn’t have something in their mouth, they should have something in their ass, don’t you? So, I want you to feel that dildo in your ass, sliding over that gland and making your sissy clit leak.  Make sure all that jizz ends up in cup, and once you’ve been drained, you can drink it all down for me, your Cum Mistress!

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Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine