How Do You Get Cum If You’re In Chastity?

How can you eat cum while in chastity you ask?

By its very definition, being locked in chastity means you rarely, if ever, get to cum.  What a cruel thing to do to a cum slut – turn him into a chastity pet!  He so desperately wants to slurp down some spooge, but he’s never allowed to release any to eat.  If you’re a chastity pet, just how do you get jizz to swallow?

Eat Your Pre-Cum

One way I try to make sure my chastity slaves are getting their RDAC – Recommended Daily Allowance Of Cum – is to tease them and edge them daily.  After a few days locked up, this makes sure that the chastised cum slut is producing rivers of pre-cum whenever his cock is stroked!  And, you all know where that pre-cum is going, don’t you?  I find that recycling his pre-cum just causes him to leak even more!

Prostate Milking

One way to keep a submissive chaste and to prevent orgasmic accidents is to provide regular prostate milkings.  Whenever I slide my finger up his ass and massage his prostate, I have him on his hands and knees, and I make sure there’s always a dish underneath his dick to collect up that river of cream being milked from him.  Waste not, want not, I always say!

Eat Other Cum

Are you really that choosy that you’ll only eat your own spunk?  If you’re a chastity cuckold, I’m sure your hot wife is keeping your RDAC right on track with all those creampies her Bulls deposit for you!  If you’re a sissy in chastity, I’m sure there are many willing cocks to be sucked so you can slake your thirst for semen.  However you go about it, there’s more than enough cum to go around for every chastity pet!

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