It’s Never Cheating When the Husband Is Eating The Cream Pie!

Cream Pie with Ms. Christine

Everyone has a job here dear cuckie…

My callers have all kinds of fetishes, and it’s certainly true that not all of them are about cream pies or even cuckolds.  It just seems that those who aren’t cucks seem to have trouble understanding those who are.  “Well, isn’t it cheating?”  they ask.  “Doesn’t he feel that she’s being unfaithful?”  That’s when I throw out one of my cornerstones of the cuckold lifestyle – It’s never cheating when the husband is eating the cum at the end!

Keeping The Cuckold Involved

There is no one, typical cuckolding relationship.  Not all cucks suck cock, not even to fluff their wives’ lovers.  Not all cuckold’s sit next to the bed – or peer through the louvers of the doors on the closet – and watch their wives going to town on that stud’s cock.  One way to make sure he’s involved, one way to make sure he knows without a doubt that she’s getting cock other than his,  is to have him eat her hot, steamy, cream pie!

How Can It Be Cheating When There’s Cream Pie?

Let’s say you’re not even a voyeur cuck, but you’ve got your suspicions when she goes out with the girls, and comes home very late, hair all askew, clothes disheveled, that she met some guy and either got pounded out in the alley, or even went home with him.  Well, they aren’t suspicions anymore when she sits down on the edge of the bed, has you kneel, spreads her legs and you can see that cum on her thighs and just inside your pussy, now are they?  No, you know then that your hot wife has just been royally screwed.  Now, be a good cuckie, get down in there and lap up all that Alpha Male jism!

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