You Spill Your Cream

Follow the rules and you’ll get your reward…

No matter how it happens.  If we do a guided masturbation call and I tease and stroke you for hours, edging you over and over again, building up that load in your balls.  If I ruin your orgasm multiple times.  Maybe I take you over my knee, and allow you to rub your dick against my nylon covered legs while I turn your ass a nice shade of red.  However it happens, there is one main rule for all my pets.  If you spill your cream…

Then You Must Clean Up – Cum Eating Style

That’s right my precious slut.  If I, as your Mistress, your Goddess, your everything, finally, after all that teasing, after all that denial… if I finally say those words you are dying to hear, that you’ve been begging for… “Cum for me, now!” Then you know that after you deposit that load of warm cream jism, after your cock stops pulsing, after your balls stop twitching…You.  Must.  Clean.

Cum Eating Is Really The Only Proper Way

Proper manners dictate that if you make a mess, you must clean it up! You know it pleases me to have you lick it up. Besides, I could have left you denied, right?  I could have let that hard, needy cock go limp and lock it back up in a chastity cage.  I however, allowed you the privilege of orgasm, and you shot that thick, white spunk all over.  Be a gentleman, lick it all up and leave my play space as clean as you found it.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine