Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Will you eat it or wear it? hmmmm….

What A Choice!

Yes, this blog is Coached To Eat Cum, but guzzling your jizz isn’t the only thing you can do with it – and it’s not the only thing a Mistress might have you do with your spooge.  I’m sure there are an infinite number of things you can do with your cum, but I’m only going to give you two choices – eat it or wear it!

Eating It

Do you jerk off into your hand, then lick it clean?  Maybe you like to use a plate, a bowl, or a glass, and nut off into that.  I love using black dishware, so I can see those ropes of cum on webcam as you slurp them all up.  A mirror can be even more fun – that way you can watch as you humiliate yourself for me!

Wearing It

After a long teasing session, do you just stroke as hard and fast as you can and then try to see how far you can shoot that cum?  I know if I’ve teased you long enough, I can get that first spurt to land on your chest – maybe even your cheek!  Are you a self sucker? I’ll bet you love giving yourself a facial, don’t you?  Now, I wonder…do you let it just dry on you – a badge of your sluttiness?  Or do you try to lick up as much of it as you can?  Either way, it really marks you as my pet, doesn’t it?  Maybe you should just leave the choice up to your Mistress….

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine