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Let’s Test Your Abilities

I love to push you a bit.  Because of that, I put some thought to that on a regular basis.  A couple of weeks ago, a call with “Bilbo” gave me the inspiration for this posting.  It is about adding more excitement and a deadline to your cum eating.

Wow!  Caught your interest with that one.  *smile*  Let me tell you how this game goes.  I believe you will really enjoy it.

Two Minute  Cum Bell

You are aware that if you pay for a call that is set to end after a set period of time, you and I both hear a chime when we have two minutes left to the call.  I like to use that chime sound as part of this game.

I will have you stroking your cock, edging and showing me your self control.  Then when we hear the two minute cum bell, I let you know that “You have two minutes left to cum hard and eat every drop”.  I hear you gasp with excitement and a bit of nerves.  This puts a smile on my face.  Sometimes it causes me to laugh too.  Good thing you enjoy the sound of my laugh so much.

What If You Can’t Do It

I bet you can guess what happens if you cannot cum and eat it within that two minutes.  It is simple.  If you cannot cum, then you don’t get to cum at all that day.  If you don’t finish eating it, then next time we play, I shorten your time to one minute.  Oh my!  Or I might come up with something else to give you a reason to practice.  *wink*

Let’s give this new cum eating game a try.  You need to shoot a hot load, and I need to lead you to eat it.  Tell me about your cum eating experiences.  Have you ever cum under pressure like this?  A cum eating game like this really separates the men from the boys.

Drink a Toast to My Birthday

Today is my birthday.  Let’s celebrate by having you eat your cum for me.  This is the perfect time to try this new challenge!