Eat Cum For Ms Christine

You’ll learn to love it!

You’re Curious

For many of you who are cum curious, the biggest obstacle is that you’re not sure you’re going to like the taste of cum.  Why does that matter?  Don’t you want to do it for me?  Isn’t the fact that I want you to eat cum enough of a reason?  For some reason, for some of you, it just isn’t.  I do have a way to get you used to the taste, however, and that’s by eating that pre-cum.

You’re Horny

See, the other obstacle is that while you may have a big fantasy about eating cum, that fantasy is the strongest when you’re horny.  When you desperate to cum and stroking away, you ALL want to eat it.  Then you nut off, and the desire seems to instantly go away.  Now, if you’re addicted to the taste, if you find it’s not that bad, you may actually follow through.  Pre-cum has a similar taste, though not as strong, and the humiliation of having to suck it all down may just carry over to getting you to eat the unadulterated variety!

Stroke And Lick

So, as you’re stroking that throbbing cock, I want you to stroke over the head, and make sure you collect some of that leakage on your hand.  When you get to an edge, as your resting, waiting for that edge to die away, smear that pre-cum over your lips.  Don’t lick up any of it – yet!  Go back to stroking again, and as your hand is gliding up and down that shaft, lick your lips.  I want you to go back and forth, stroking your dick, until you get to an edge, get all that pre-cum and apply your lipstick.  Do that for nine edges, and then on the tenth, you may cum.  You may even be so addicted to the taste at that point, that you’ll make me proud and lick it all that cum up!