Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

** Listen to the Ms Olivia audio **

I just saw a video that makes me so hot! This caller actually didn’t call for cum eating but he said it’s okay that I talk about the cock video he sent me. I’ll tell you about the cum shot in just a second. First I love to watch you stroke that cock and masturbate for Mistress.

Let me first talk briefly about how to send photos or videos to this Experienced Mistress.

Watching you masturbate on cam

I like to watch. I consider myself a cock connoisseur because I have seen and continue to see a LOT of cocks! One of my favorite ways to do a cum eating call is to watch you eat your own cum on cam! Oh WOW! But, that’s not the only way you can show me your cock and your cum eating.  I’m on Skype.  My Skype ID is Olivia.800.356.6169 — I don’t keep Skype open all the time so the best way to ask if I’m available for Skype sessions is to send an email to olivia AT enchantrixempire.com

Dick pics and the Mistress

I’m more than happy to get emails with photos of your cock, your cock in chastity or hiding behind a pair of panties … I like getting naughty emails! Here’s what you do, send me an email to olivia AT enchantrixempire.com. If you have done a call with me then I already have age verification for you and will request that your email goes on the ‘okay to email photos’ list that we have. If you haven’t done a call with me, then you will need to do a session in order to give me age verification. If you can’t afford the $25 for the minimum session then you probably shouldn’t be sending dick pics! LOL

The cum shot

So, that’s what this guy did. He sent an email after we did a call. I got him on the ‘okay to send photos via email’ list. We did another call a couple days later. FUCKING A !!!! One of the photos was this super hot cum shot! It was perfect – Cum just arcing out of that hard cock. I asked how he was able to get that exact shot and he told me it was a screen grab of a video he did. THEN, the best question ever … Mistress, would you like to see the video? Well, DUH! Fuck yeah I want to see the video of that cum shot!

Oh MY now I’m hot again and have to …. Ahem …. Go do something that means I won’t be able to type. ~laughs~ Know what I mean?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia