Now that we’ve got you eating whole loads of cum there are some more fun ways to do it…while keeping your Mistress clean…

Did You Just Cum In My Hand

Licking it from fun places…

Naughty cum slut!  Did I tell you you could nut off?  I know it may have felt really good as my hand was sliding up and down your slick shaft, but I told you to edge, not cum.  Look at all this cream in my hand!  Go ahead, just like a good slave, and lick it all up.  Get every last drop, and clean my hand perfectly.

If My Hand Felt Good…

I’ll bet my breasts feel amazing.  Squished together, with that rock hard cock trapped between them, throbbing and leaking pre-cum.  I know you’d love to shoot all over them and lick it off of my creamy white tits, but I think maybe I’ll just give you a foot job.  You can spurt all over my pretty, painted toes.  Either way, wherever that cum lands, you’ll be licking it all up.

No, You Won’t Be Cumming Inside Of Me

That’s a privilege reserved for my BBC Bulls!  However, you may get the honor of crawling up between my thighs and licking out that wonderful, warm creampie!  Maybe, if you’re very good, your wife or girlfriend might let you cum inside her – but if she does, be the good cum slut I know you are, and clean her out.

Anytime cum lands anywhere on your Mistress, you should always lick it up.  Women should never be sullied with spunk for long!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine