Does it make you feel dirty?

Some Cum Eaters Get Off On The Humiliation

Not all of them.  Some cum eaters simply like the taste, texture and feeling of eating their own load.  For some, it may not be the sensation of eating jizz, but the warm, satisfied feeling they get from performing this submissive act for their Mistress.  There are those of you that just get off on this humiliating task.

Why Is It Humiliating

Women eat cum, men don’t.  It’s that simple.  Ladies who are considered excellent, skilled fellatrixes?  They swallow.  Porn shows you women who beg for a load of cum from the guy fucking them, or gagging them with cock.  It’s a power move, and when I order you to clean up your own mess, it instantly highlights where that power is.  I granted you permission to release, on the sole condition that you would eat it all up.

Increasing The Humiliation

Eating your own spooge may be humiliating enough, but there are ways to add to it.  Having you nut off into a glass, then drinking it and holding it in your mouth until I say you can swallow can make it even hotter.  Want to really ramp it up?  How about we add cocksucking to the mix?  I’m not talking about you gobbling some other guy’s knob, but what if, just as your about to shoot, I have you throw your legs up over your head, point that cock right at your mouth and you jerk off and spurt that cum all over your face?

What makes cum eating humiliating for you?  Let me know in the comments.  I might just add your technique to my repertoire!