Jerk Off to Porn

You love it for all sorts of reasons….

I want you to find a really hot video with a dominatrix talking down to you, humiliating you, laughing at you.  It should be JOI porn, CEI is even better, but don’t follow the instructions they have for eating your cum.  I don’t care if they tell you how to stroke, but I’m going to tell you how you’ll be eating your cum.

Humiliation in Collecting Your Cum

Make sure that it’s a long video, so you have time to edge at least five times.  In fact, I want that video to be at least 15 minutes long, and you’ll either watch it all the way through or edge 5 times, whichever takes longer.  After that you can cum, but shoot your load into a glass. Next, I want you to take all of your gooey cum in your mouth, but don’t swallow.  You aren’t going to eat it…not yet!

Humiliation in Cum Eating Instruction

Now with your mouth full of cum, go to a nearby store to buy something, anything. When you walk up to the cashier wait for them to say or ask you something. If they do, look her right in the eyes and swallow, then answer. If no one talks to you, keep the cum in your mouth and go back home. Right after you close your door behind you, get naked and start jerking off, but no porn this time, just the taste of your own cum to turn you on. You can swallow the moment that you cum and, not a second before, catch that new load in your hand, so you can lick it up right away and swallow!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine